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14-16 October 2024

Singapore EXPO

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“There is no alternative to digital transformation. Visionary companies will carve out new strategic options for themselves - those that don't adapt will fail.”

- Jeff Bezos, Head of Amazon

ITAP enables diverse manufacturing sectors across different stages of technology adoption to 
foster business growth while aligning with global climate goals.

Industry Insights

The event provides manufacturers access to industry trends, innovations, and best practices. Attendees can gain valuable insights into emerging technologies, market dynamics, and future opportunities shaping the manufacturing landscape.

Networking Opportunities

The event is a premier networking platform for manufacturers to connect with industry peers, suppliers, and experts. Attendees can forge new partnerships, exchange ideas, and explore collaboration opportunities with key stakeholders across the Asia Pacific region.

Technology Showcase

The event features a comprehensive showcase of cutting-edge technologies, solutions, and services tailored to manufacturing. Manufacturers can explore exhibits, demonstrations, and product displays to discover innovative tools and resources to drive operational excellence and competitive advantage.

Education and Training

The event offers diverse educational sessions, workshops, and training programs designed to enhance manufacturers' knowledge and skills. Attendees can participate in informative sessions led by industry experts, learn about new technologies and methodologies, and acquire practical insights to address current challenges and opportunities.

Market Intelligence

Visiting the event gives manufacturers access to valuable market intelligence and industry research. Attendees can stay informed about market trends, customer preferences, and regulatory developments, enabling them to make informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition.

Inspiration and Innovation

The event provides inspiration and motivation for manufacturers seeking to innovate and transform their operations. Attendees can learn from success stories, case studies, and real-world examples of companies that have achieved breakthroughs through innovation, technology adoption, and strategic initiatives.

Why Visit

Over 20% International Attendees 52 Regional Associations

Over 35% C-levels and 41% manager level profile

Top 10 International Attendees

  1. Malaysia
  2. Indonesia
  3. India
  4. Korea
  5. Japan
  6. China
  7. Myanmar
  8. United States
  9. Vietnam
  10. Philippines

Top 10 Attending Sectors

  1. Electrical & Electronics
  2. Semiconductor
  3. Aerospace
  4. Automotive
  5. Logistics & Supply Chain
  6. Oil & Gas
  7. Food & Beverage
  8. Pharmaceutical
  9. Chemical
  10. Energy


"Thank you, ITAP 2023, for the excellent exhibition arrangements, bringing together industry leaders to discuss about key trends and share high-quality experiences and insights about the challenges of factory transformation."


Nguyen Duc Long, Managing Director, COMIT Smart Factory (a division of COMIT CORPORATION)

“ITAP is THE event to find leading I4.0 solutions in manufacturing, network in Asia-Pacific.”




Jenica Chua, Managing Director, Accenture