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14-16 October 2024

Singapore EXPO

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AtoZero Battery and Energy Storage Expo

Energy Storage

AtoZero Battery and Energy Storage Technology Expo is dedicated to advancing Asia’s energy storage and battery technology innovations, and value chain business opportunities.

This is part of the AtoZero (Accelerate to Net Zero) series of sustainability-focused events that bring together the global community to spark policy changes and strategic partnerships that positively impact close to 5 billion people in Asia.

Singapore as your springboard to access the regional markets and be seen as a credible, leading company

Thought Leadership Positioning and Influence 

Elevate your brand on an international platform

Networking opportunities with key decision makers across policy makers, auto OEMs and value chain partners

Amplify your marketing reach leveraging on the ecosystem network of Next Mobility and ITAP series 

Exhibit Profiles

Energy Storage/Battery Technology & Materials

  • Lithium-ion battery: Various material systems for Li-ion batteries, solid state batteries
  • Flow battery: vanadium, zinc-bromine
  • Lead-acid, lead carbon batteries
  • NiMH batteries and materials (Nickel belt, diaphragm, binder, electrolyte, etc.)
  • Pumped energy storage
  • Hydrogen energy storage and fuel cells: hydrogen storage equipment, fuel cell systems and components, test and analytical instruments, hydrogen production/supply equipment

Energy Storage System & EPC Project

  • Distributed energy storage systems: microgrid, user-side energy storage, household, energy storage system
  • Centralised renewables energy generation system: grid-side large-scale energy storage system, peak shaving power station, thermal power energy storage
  • Data centre power, UPS power supply
  • Mobile power supply

Battery Resource Recycling & Utilisation

  • Waste battery recycling technology and equipment
  • Battery residual value detection equipment 
  • Power battery cascade utilisation tech
  • Battery evaluation system

Energy Storage Equipment & Components

  • IGBT, power module
  • PCS, energy storage cells and PACK
  • Battery management system (BMS)
  • Energy management system (EMS)
  • Energy storage firefighting equipment (thermal management, detection, fire prevention and control, DC insulation)
  • Power distribution equipment
  • Household energy storage products
  • Integrated industrial and commercial energy storage cabinet
  • Mobile energy storage vehicle


EV Charging & Supporting Equipment

  • Charing pile
  • Charging station
  • EV storage and charging station
  • Vehicle and electricity interconnections

Battery Testing & Certification

  • Testing instruments
  • Equipment protection
  • Intelligent evaluation and diagnosis tech
  • Safety certification