22 October 2019, Tuesday (Day 1)

Hall 2 Sandbox (in partnership with schneider electric) Hall 3 Sandbox (In Partnership with accenture)
Time Agenda
11.30am – 12.00pm

Impact of Smart Automation on People & the Economy

This talk by HOPE Technik will focus on the impact of embracing smart automation, the positives & negatives of it all & the worker’s role in the not-so-distant future.

Daniel Nia, Head of Technik2 (HOPE Technik), Singapore

Additive Manufacturing - Key to Digital Distributed Manufacturing Supply Chain

This presentation will cover case studies of new business models & manufacturing entrants in highly regulated industries such as aerospace, automotive, oil & gas, & medical tech fields.

Volker Kunze, Team Manager Knowledge Management & Digital Consulting Services, EOS, Germany

12.00pm – 12.30pm

Industrial Automation Cyber Security

This talk provides vital information regarding the key security challenges, threats and risks impacting Industrial control systems and discover the best practices for applying cybersecurity.

Jonathan Tam, Cybersecurity Consultant, Schneider Electric APAC 


Lunch boxes are catered for attendees attending this session

Unlocking the Full Potential in Manufacturing with Industry 4.0

Ahead of the curve in Industry Internet of Things (IIoT) & Industry 4.0, GENiE Smart Factory is the cloud-based, IIoT operating system that connects products, systems, plants & machines, enabling the harnessing of a wealth of data generated by advanced analytics. GENiE helps to achieve smart manufacturing initiatives by driving continuous improvement, knowledge transfer & data-based decision making. GENiE is transforming factories with Industry 4.0 through its Smart Factory Solution.

Sakthivel Narayanasamy, CEO, Galactic Advance Engineering, Malaysia

12.30pm – 1.00pm

Accelerating Your Digital Transformation Journey

Digitizing a company? There’s an app for that! Hear from Accenture’s Sid Haralalka how specialized software can help executives plan, validate & steer digitization efforts.

Sid Haralalka, Managing Director and Innovation and Digital Transformation APAC Lead, Accenture

1.00pm – 1.30pm

Achieve Industry 4.0 through Industrial PCs

There is a growing need for safer & more efficient systems & production environments in today’s industries.  Industry 4.0 refers to the concept of factories in which machines are smarter & making decisions on their own. The modern Industrial PC is the heart of this transformation: driving lower cost, higher productivity, better quality, more flexibility & greater sustainability.

The Intel IPC Catalyst program is designed to show our customers how to take the necessary steps for a successful transition to Industry 4.0.

Join this session to learn how Intel can help with your goals in achieving Industry 4.0.

Brook Berhane, Segment Marketing Manager, Industrial Solutions Division – IoTG, Intel, USA

Practical Examples on Using Location Tracking to Improve Manufacturing & Logistics Operations Efficiency

This talk will cover successful implementations of location tracking in Manufacturing & Logistics, drawing on practical use cases demonstrating ROI from Europe & Asia.

Victor Bogey, Asia General Manager, Ubudu Asia, Hong Kong SAR

1.30pm – 2.30pm

Digital Transformation for Operational Excellence in the Process Industry

This presentation will share what is involved with case-studies to illustrate concepts i.e. 

- Standards, architecture, how to integrate existing automation, engineered analytics & data science, on-premises & cloud IIoT.

- Building blocks e.g. dashboards, mobility, analytics, sensors, location awareness, roadmap.

Jonas Berge, Senior Director, Applied Technology, Emerson Automation Solutions, Singapore

1.30pm – 2.00pm

Digital Supply Chain - Design to Operate

Connect Digitally to Perfect Reality

Product cycles are compressing. Design variability is increasing. Demand is fluctuating. The expected speed of time to delivery is shrinking. These market realities place tremendous operational pressure on the entire lifecycle of your products and assets. And the only way to address these challenges is to deliver an end-to-end digital supply chain – from design and planning to manufacturing, logistics, and operations.

Matt Chan, Industry 4.0 Lead, SAP APJ

2.00pm – 2.30pm

Digital Supply Chain for Digital Product

Designing Sustainable Products for a Better World

“Today there are a lot of buzzwords such as sustainability. But sustainability is more than just the environment. In terms of a business, it is also about building new sustainable products that facilitates the continuation and growth of your company. This means being able to stay relevant in today’s fast pace market place, ensuring the health of our environment and keeping your technologies up to date to ensure success of your products.”

Sarah Mei Niesel, Product Manager, Product Lifecycle Management – Discrete Industries, SAP SE

2.30pm – 3.00pm

Unleashing Industrial Data

Disconnected operations are a well-known, critical issue in manufacturing with data lying underutilized & locked in disparate IT & OT silos. Manufacturers understand that advanced data analytics can enable value creation, competitive advantage, strategic & tactical operational excellence with lower costs, losses & inefficiency etc. But digital transformation initiatives are often slow, costly, complex & misaligned to business needs, leading to new problems i.e. disparate analytics as another layer on the silos.

dDriven’s approach embodied in their digital manufacturing platform UNLSH can address the core issues with legacy digital transformation approaches like IT complexity & analytic silos.  By ensuring greatly reduced time-to-value, risk & timely cross-functional cognition of business impact of analytics, it offers a new paradigm from how analytics & digital transformation projects are often done today.

Partha Ray, Founder & CEO, dDriven, Singapore

ASi-5 + IO-Link as a Perfect Combination in Industrial Communication

This presentation will outline how a combination of IO-Link sensors, actuators & Asi-5-based IO-Link-masters & more complex Asi-5 automation components e.g. drives ensure easy & comfortable Asi-flat cable connections & installation in all industrial markets & machinery.

Rolf Becker, CEO of AS-International Association, Germany

3.00pm – 3.30pm

Advanced Manufacturing Transformation Facility

Advance Manufacturing Transformation Center (AMTC) is the 1st of its kind competence centre guiding & supporting ASEAN manufacturing facilities on their journey of adoption, transition & transformation towards advance manufacturing. It showcases state-of-the-art Siemens digital enterprise solutions that enable companies to create digital twin models to simulate & evaluate operations in manufacturing environments. The centre also houses its 1st Additive Manufacturing Experience Center (AMEC) outside Germany featuring an advanced end-to-end additive manufacturing production line developed with Siemens’ partners. There, they can carry out prototyping & low volume production with support from on-site experts to ensure smooth transition & transformation to in-house advanced manufacturing. More than just a facility for R&D activities in additive manufacturing, AMTC will also be an advance manufacturing ecosystem with operational production capabilities.

Benjamin Moey, Vice President of Additive Manufacturing, Siemens, Singapore

Reinventing Supply Chains: A Real-World Fleet Management Example with PT Serasi Autoraya

Hear from Accenture’s Marita Vavoulioti & PT Sera on how they digitized & maximized Accenture Industry IX.0’s IIoT capabilities to transform PT Serasi Autoraya’s fleet management operations in the cloud. 

Marita Vavoulioti, Managing Director and Industry X.0 ASEAN Lead, Accenture

3.30pm – 4.00pm

Digital Services for Energy Optimization & Efficiency with Powerful Insights

This presentation focuses on the methods SMEs can implement to maximize their energy efficiency for boilers, compressed air, base load optimization, with minimum investment cost.

Anoop Sharma, Senior Energy Manager, Siemens Digital Industries, Singapore

A Holistic Solution to Assist SME Enterprises in the IR4 Journey

This talk will introduce a holistic solution to digitalize information management to realize sharing, utilization & management of information across departments in organizations. It offers strategies, methods & tools for centrally strong management, content sharing, efficient integration & management of unstructured & structured information, offering advantages such as up to 50% cost savings, increased productivity & employee motivation, scalability for multi-usages, & incorporation of Sustainability Development Goals to the business.

Tham Kok Tong, CEO, Ashisuto Global Technologies, Malaysia

4.00pm – 4.30pm

Paving the Way to the Factory of the Future

For decades, robots were synonymous with large-scale automation in automotive factories worldwide. The last few years have seen the robotics industry moving towards an ability to handle smaller & lighter items with greater precision. In the factory of the future, it will be more efficient for robots to do precision work than ever in conventional factories of the past. By combining people’s unique ability to adapt with a robot’s tireless endurance for precise, repetitive tasks, it is possible to automate the assembly of many types of products on the same line.

Darren Hung, Global Product Manager – Small Robots, ABB Taiwan

Make it Smarter! With Hexagon’s innovations

As a leader in enabling autonomous connected ecosystems for aerospace, automotive, precision engineering, mold & die, advanced machining, oil & gas sectors, Hexagon offers high precision metrology solutions, AI, sensors, advanced simulations, quality analytical software & real-time closed-feedback loop systems that enable industries to “Think Big, Start Small, Scale Fast”. By connecting such innovations, the journey towards developing smart factories becomes accessible to customers of all sizes through step-by-step improvements that will add-up to radical transformation in time.

Nicolas Lachaud Bandres, Business Development Manager, Hexagon Metrology SAS, France

4.30pm – 5.00pm

The Future of Cities

This presentation will share a vision of the future of cities that is comfortable, safe, sustainable & efficient. The talk will highlight some of the technologies developed by ABB to make this vision part of our daily lives.

Dr Marija Zima, Smart Cities and Solutions R&D and Marketing Manager, ABB Switzerland

IoT & AI Deep-Dive for a Manufacturing Quantum Leap

With ever-faster operations required for growing make-to-order & on-demand requirements, manufacturers need agility, communication & collaboration across operations to improve processes & quality within cost.  Manufacturing operations have also become high-dimensional & highly variable with complex flows, diversified cycle times & resource requirements. How can manufacturers sense problems in operations, mitigate risks & resolve issues as fast as their operations? This is where IoT & AI can empower manufacturers by digitising operations, collect data in real-time, glean insights from big data, communicate fast & enable faster decisions. This deep dive session into Oracle’s transformative technologies will show how manufacturers can deploy technologies throughout the value chain for competitive advantage.

Surya Kommareddy, Director of Product Marketing, Oracle

5.00pm – 5.30pm

Get digital. Now! #higherproductivity

Learn about current industry developments & requirements for digitalization & how skills & knowledge requirements are changing. This talk will showcase best practice implementations, approaches to qualifying & training a future workforce, and how practical implementation-based consulting may look like.

Volker Schmid, Regional Director Asia Pacific, Festo Didactic, Germany

Insights on Brainport Industries Campus: The Dutch Ecosystem for Collaborative & Integrated Production, Innovation & Education

This talk Introduces the Brainport Industries Campus, a multi-company, multi-stakeholder Manufacturing & Innovation location in the Brainport Region. Learn about their “Factory of the Future” innovation programme with projects & facilities for campus residents & (inter)national companies outside the campus, & cooperation with educational institutions. Over 70 companies & 6 knowledge institutes collaborate to develop & implement new production methods, train talent & share knowledge on projects like robotization, software development, production logistics, additive manufacturing & factory automation.

Michel Weeda, Innovation Program Manager & Board Member, Brainport Industries Campus, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

5.30pm – 6.00pm

Mind Your Intellectual Property (Before It Is Gone!)

Companies deploy extensive resources to develop software & firmware for highly-sophisticated solutions, which need to be protected from illegal hacking or usage. This talk will consider solutions to address this.

Stefan Bamberg, Senior Key Account & Partner Manager, Wibu-Systems AG, Germany

Exploring the Future of Manufacturing – Flexible Business & Manufacturing in the 5G Era

This talk provides an overview of Japanese “connected industry” & introduces “flexible business & manufacturing” (FBM) which is being discussed by Japanese industrial equipment manufacturers. The talk will discuss how Japan intends to apply to manufacturing & business transformation brought about by vertical integration.

Makiko Naemura, Chairperson - Smart Manufacturing Special Committee, Japan Electrical Manufacturers' Association (JEMA), Japan

23 October 2019, Wednesday (Day 2)

Hall 2 sandbox (in partnership with schneider electric) Hall 3 sandbox (in partnership with accenture)

Covering all content categories i.e. Additive Manufacturing, Digital Factory, Smart Logistics, Integrated Energy & Industrial Automation

Covering all content categories i.e. Additive Manufacturing, Digital Factory, Smart Logistics, Integrated Energy & Industrial Automation

Time Agenda
11.00am – 11.30am

Driving Digital Transformation Through Integrated Power & Process Strategies

The digital transformation that drives profitability. Empower your workforce to make better operating and business decisions in real-time. Learn how to achieve new levels of efficiency and productivity in the O&G industry.

Rob Veldhoen, Director Technical Sales Consulting SEA, Schneider Electric, Singapore


Lunch boxes are catered for attendees attending this session

Learn, Train & Perform Using VR and AR (DEMO)

The talk will cover use cases in maintenance operations, training & logistics at organisations e.g. SATS, SBS, GSK, JML, Penta Bachi, Changi Airport, Tetra Pak, Asia Pacific Breweries. Also covered will be challenges to expect when investing in AR & VR, how organisations can future-proof their investment by choosing the right technology, maximize ROI, create content once & reuse many times through multiple scenarios from sales to OJT & remote assistance, with a possible digital twin practical use case. There will be a demo on using AR Assist.

Ayisha Siddiqah, Product Strategist, EON Reality, Singapore

11.30am – 12.00pm

Six Steps to Business Reinvention: An Executive's Guide to Building Industry X.0 Organizations


Marcello TamiettiIndustry X.0 AAPAC lead, Accenture

12.00pm – 12.30pm

Panel Discussion


SME IloT Automation

With the advent of Industry 4.0, manufacturing processes have been thoroughly transformed. To realise the potential of today’s digital transformation while remaining safe, secure & competitive, businesses must adopt effective approaches to manage processes, systems, physical & data assets. Learn from experts on how to:

- Get your manufacturing capability ready for smart manufacturing systems to increase profitability both in your production line & across your entire supply network

- Learn the latest Industry 4.0 innovations to be better connected, more flexible & more efficient in your manufacturing process

- Discover digital & physical opportunities to achieve growth & profitability easily

- Get real insights, proven solutions & effective strategies to get started on your organisation’s smart manufacturing transformation



Urvil Modi, Business Vice President (Industry), Schneider Electric, Singapore


Anthony Loy, Smart Factory Programme Leader, Schneider Electric, Singapore

Joseph Wong, Project Manager, Smart Manufacturing Transformation, Fong’s Engineering & Manufacturing, Singapore

Poh Leng Yee, Vice President Digitalisation, iPlast 4.0, Singapore

Kannappan, Manager, Nanyang Polytechnic, Singapore

Gerry Ong, Director, SMT Technology, Singapore


Lunch boxes are catered for attendees attending this session

Industry X.0 Security in the Age of Connected Health

The digitization of care comes with extraordinary benefits – at the cost of some very specific cybersecurity risks which need to be actively managed & designed into the end-to-end product life cycle. Here Ng Tze Yang & Debmalya Chatterjee explain how the latter can be achieved.

Tze-Yang Ng, Managing Director, Products Client Services Group Lead, Accenture

Debmalya Chatterjee, Managing Director, MedTech Lead, Accenture

12.30pm – 1.00pm

Digital Supply Chain for Manufacturing: Embrace Industry 4.0 Technology to Elevate Your Business to an Intelligent Enterprise

Industry 4.0 is the key industrial trend and topic in today’s manufacturing world. The disruption and advantages of Industry 4.0 and the journey for the digitalization are key elements of the presentation. How can you enable the winning digital supply chain and embrace Industry 4.0 technology and methods to elevate your business to an Intelligent Enterprise. The session will also give insights into the Design to Operate showcase of the Hannover Industrial Fair in Germany in April 2019.

Ralf Lehman, Senior Director, Global Solution Management, SAP SE

1.00pm – 1.30pm

Building Society 4.0: Utilizing Advancements in Industry 4.0 & Renewable Energy

This talk will present elements of Society 4.0, the pace & challenges of digital transformation in Southeast Asia, where the Philippines is at, & the use of renewable & sustainable energy sources to achieve Society 4.0.

Dr Danilo Lachica, President, Semiconductor & Electronics Industries in the Philippines, Inc. (SEIPI)

1.30pm – 2.00pm

How Blockchain will Pave the Way for Industrial Transformation

This talk will provide insights on blockchain technology, how it will transform industries & some of the most promising industry use cases.

Takatoshi Shibayama, CEO, Blockshine & Founder, Blockchain Centre Singapore

1.00pm – 2.00pm

How OPC UA Enables Industrial Interoperability from Sensor to Cloud

Understand why you should join the largest eco-system of vendor independent interoperability.

Stefan Hoppe, President & Executive Director, OPC Foundation, Germany

Factory Automation & How OPC UA Companion Specifications are Key to Standardized Information

Learn about VDMA activities that are happening across 17+ branches on factory automation defining OPC UA Companion Specifications like Robotics, Machine Vision, tooling machines, & their impressive international adoption.

Andreas Faath, Head of Interoperability, VDMA, Germany

Process Automation: OPC UA Activities to Standardize Information

This session will provide an overview of activities from FieldComm Group, PNO, NAMUR, OPA & others working on OPC UA Companion Specifications.

Christian Hock, Project Leader and System Architect, Siemens, Germany

2.00pm – 2.30pm

Accelerating Gains from Industry 4.0

Today’s increasingly connected factories have embarked on the journey to Industry 4.0 & are now challenged to accelerate gains. They are generating mountains of data, but many are struggling to mine the data for insights that can lead to transformative change. Maximizing returns on data can enable manufacturers to go beyond incremental operational improvements & achieve transformative outcomes. This session will examine future vision frameworks around technologies like advanced sensors, IIoT platforms, AI/ML, enterprise software & advanced analytics. Lessons from industry leading implementations from the Hitachi Group will also be shared.

Sath Rao, Director, Digital Solutions for Manufacturing, Hitachi Vantara USA

Business Excellence Empowered by Industry 4.0 Digitalization & Workplace Transformational Learning

Learn how to facilitate industry 4.0 immersive experiences across diverse industries & build an intelligent enterprise for the future. This talk will address how you can convince stakeholders with ROI & understanding of digital strategy & business models, including how to equip enablers & orchestrate change to get there.

Han Ngi Juan, General Manager, Yokogawa Engineering Asia, Singapore

2.30pm – 3.00pm

ABB AbilityTM Digital Powertrain – Driving Uptime & Productivity

The Digital Powertrain connects drives, motors, pumps & bearings, taking uptime & productivity to new heights via ABB Ability™. Data insights gained from the powertrain enables customers to better connect with assets & make better decisions to ensure safe, reliable & efficient operations. The ABB Ability™ Digital Powertrain is suitable for applications in the process, discrete & infrastructure industries, enabling users to digitally “see” operational variables & health indicators through an integrated, 1-stop portal – including availability, environmental conditions & fault events.

Dr Ankush Gulati, Service Sales Manager - Motors & Generators, ABB APAC

Moving Past the I4.0 Pilot Phase to Full Factory Implementation Supported by Standards

The presentation will share insights on the I4.0 challenges & successes Lingjack achieved during their pilot phase implementation & how they moved to full factory implementation & digitalisation supported by standards.

Kenneth Lim, CEO, Lingjack Holding

3.00pm – 3.30pm

Towards ‘Autonomous’ for Reliable, Robust & Safe Operations in Industrial Applications

There is a shift in market dynamics moving towards autonomous operations across industries. This talk will cover overall market challenges, what & how technology is evolving in supporting this shift, examples of remote & more autonomous operations, & examples of implementation.

Joerg Theis, Head of Energy Industries – Asia, ABB

How Standards Can Accelerate Your Industrie 4.0 Journey

Most SMEs believe that Industrie 4.0 is only applicable to big corporations due to the resource commitments required. This talk on Feinmetall’s journey will share what led the GM to become a I4.0 early adopter, how challenges were managed with limited resources & how alignment with relevant standards helped accelerate their I4.0 journey.

Sam Chee Wah, General Manager, Feinmetall, Singapore

3.30pm – 4.00pm

Intelligent Manufacturing - Manufacturing a Better Future

Intelligent manufacturing solutions can help transform your manufacturing from top floor to shop floor to deliver improved customer outcomes with product-as-a-service. Join this session to learn about the trends & how you can empower your workforce, enable your organization to deliver new services, optimize digital operations & harness digital technologies to build a sustainable future & reimagine manufacturing.

Cathy Yeh, Principal PM Manager, Industrial IoT and Strategic Engagement Cloud + AI, Microsoft

Sharing Insights from the Smart Industry Readiness Index (SIRI) Assessments

In March 2018, Singapore’s Government announced the provision of 300 funded Smart Industry Readiness Index (SIRI) assessments to help manufacturers in Singapore kick-start their industrial transformation journeys. Since then, 200 funded SIRI assessments were completed & this session will share insights from these assessments. The data obtained help to shed light on the current state of industrial transformation in Singapore & highlight trends that can better inform manufacturers, consultancies, technology solution providers & policy makers on possible interventions & best practices for industrial transformation.

Fong Pin Fen, Director, Strategy Advanced Manufacturing, Economic Development Board (EDB), Singapore

4.00pm – 4.30pm

IoT Transformation with Microsoft

Leveraging IoT-enabled equipment monitoring capabilities can greatly benefit businesses across many industries, & adoption is growing fast. The promise of digital transformation enabled by IoT & the increased accessibility of smart connected technology means IoT is a lucrative & necessary investment for companies. Join this session to learn how IoT offers great opportunity to improve existing processes & create new business models & revenue streams.

Sally Chin, Principal Solution Specialist, IoT Device Experience, Microsoft

Driving Smart Transformation with Hexagon

Beyond just automating tasks, digital transformation involves tech adoption & using interconnected integrated solutions to improve processes. Hexagon has driven transformation in sectors like agriculture, mining, transportation, manufacturing, power, marine, security & government.  This talk will highlight case studies showing how they drive true transformation with Technologies, Processes & People to solve real world problems.  Learn how they enable better planning & efficient execution capability to deliver smart digital worlds & smart factories, solving surface & underground challenges in mining, pioneering assured positioning capability on land, sea & air, transforming data into smart digital assets though digital twins, & improving efficiency & resilience in vital services.

Supratim Mukhpadhyay, Business Development Director APAC, Hexagon PPM

4.30pm – 5.00pm

Accelerating Automation & Robotics Solutions with Open Source Software

This talk will share how the Robotics Operating System (ROS) is increasingly adopted by commercial & industrial companies to create advanced robotic solutions. A software platform with rich features, powerful simulation tools & open interfaces supporting different types of hardware, ROS has what’s needed to get started on robotics development. Its permissive Open Source license means it’s free to use without restrictions for commercial applications! The ROS-Industrial Consortium is a global organization supporting companies to become successful in adopting ROS for industrial & commercial applications.

Erik Unemyr, Consortium Manager, ROS-Industrial Consortium Asia Pacific, Singapore

Intelligent & Versatile Material Handling Solutions for Industry 4.0

Time & accuracy are critical in logistics especially in manufacturing where the business cycle time & rate of products received, produced & shipped are significant & indicative of the entire supply chain’s efficiency. With Industry 4.0 & the need to remain competitive & sustainable, how can businesses improve traceability of each item from manufacturing through to delivery & why is this important?

This talk will share how you can achieve an intelligent, data-driven (IoT) logistics system using automated guided vehicles as a smart tool for your business to maintain competitiveness & sustainability.

Ang Chor-Chen, CEO, Sesto Robotics, Singapore

24 October 2019, Thursday (Day 3)

Hall 2 sandbox (in partnership with schneider electric) Hall 3 sandbox (in partnership with accenture) 

Covering all content categories i.e. Additive Manufacturing, Digital Factory, Smart Logistics, Integrated Energy & Industrial Automation

Covering all content categories i.e. Additive Manufacturing, Digital Factory, Smart Logistics, Integrated Energy & Industrial Automation

Time Agenda
11.00am – 11.30am

The Next Wave of Robotic & Autonomous Platforms

Adoption of I 4.0, robotics & autonomous platforms has become part of the industrial & commercial landscapes. Successful implementation is reaping savings on Full time equivalent (FTE) & other benefits like improved service, quality & speed, lower error rates & staff satisfaction. The next wave of these platforms will be driven Increased collaboration, autonomous mobility & increased intelligence. This talk will share market forecasts on how & why the market for these platforms is changing.

Benjamin Yeo, Commercial Director, Aethon APAC, Singapore

Dr Laurent Filipozzi, Vice President, Site Head of Plant Singapore, Infineon Technologies Asia Pacific

The Role of Cobots in Industrial 4.0

This presentation will share how robot with vision capabilities can be integrated into industries based on an Industry 4.0 roadmap.

Nick Ho, Assistant Leader in Asia Market Sales, Techman Robot, Taiwan

Shaun Chang, Technical Specialist, Techman Robot, Taiwan

11.30am – 12.00pm

Autonomy in the Warehouse Value Chain - How & Why

Autonomous equipment in the logistics industry are synonymous with eCommerce robots but how about the warehouse environment where large heavy materials need to be moved on pallets? This talk will consider technologies behind ST Engineering Land Systems’ family of autonomous material handling equipment, trends on the horizon & customer adoption use cases to show how autonomy can bring value to otherwise mundane equipment.

Chua Wei Xiang, Commercial Manager, ST Engineering Land Systems, Singapore

APAC X.0: Reinventing the Future of Industrial Companies in Asia Pacific

Raghu will speak on how companies in Asia Pacific can best disrupt & pivot to new, digital business models. 

Raghu Gullapalli, Managing Director Industrial, Mobility & Products Industry X.0, Supply Chain & Operations Lead, Asia Pacific, Africa, Middle East & Turkey

12.00pm – 12.30pm

Why Must Any Robot be Boring? The Lionsbot Experience

This presentation will consider finesse in product design & a new approach to human-robot interaction, using Lionsbot as an example. Boring robots are out... now customers want a better experience!

Dylan Ng, CEO & Co-Founder, Lionsbot International & SuperStream APAC

Digital Supply Chain for Operation
Harness New Engineering Simulation and IoT Technologies for Intelligent Asset Management

Technologies for engineering simulation and the Internet of Things have revolutionized asset management with a concept called the digital twin. A digital twin duplicates in software the physical properties of a machine and can undergo multiphysics simulations to deliver predictive engineering insight across the product lifecycle, from design to operations. Assets feed messages to the digital twin, where rigorous analytics can help resolve possible issues, predict maintenance needs, and improve next-generation products.

Arif Abdullah, Vice President, Global Product Management for Predictive Engineering Insights, SAP SE

12.30pm – 1.00pm

Smart Pharmaceuticals

The life sciences ecosystem needs to be highly efficient & fully connected from production to distribution to stay competitive in today’s harsh market environment. This means having smart equipment connected with the enterprise in real-time to push critical process data. Learn how you can ensure product integrity & regulatory compliance while revolutionising operations through smart manufacturing.

Ian Job-Smith, Life Sciences Segment Director, Schneider Electric, UK


Lunch boxes are catered for attendees attending this session


Machines & Systems Optimization with Smart Wiring Systems based on ASi-5

This talk will cover how organisations can create machines & systems most effectively with smart wiring systems based on ASi-5, how this allows complete data availability & transparency from sensors & actuators up to the cloud & controller, & results in the simplest link between OT & IT.

Fabricio Granados, Director of International Sales, Bihl+Wiedemann GmbH, Germany

1.00pm – 1.30pm

Unleash True 24/7 3D Printing with Ultimaker

Recent advancements in 3D printing have been driving & enabling digital transformation in businesses. Find out how today’s disruptive companies can scale up their business with greater productivity & significant cost savings, through 3D printing. Discover & learn how 3D printing is successfully harnessed in our customer stories and use case.

Chevy Kok, Business Development Director, Ultimaker APAC

1.30pm – 2.00pm

Digitalisation & Process Transformation in Logistics

This talk will introduce Dachser as an IT solutions provider for logistics with their in-house developed homogenous landscape connecting physical systems with IT throughout their global network. The talk will consider the importance of Big Data & need to address IT security & reliability, measures to prevent data leaks, & highlight an existing customer deployment demonstrating a single point of connection & streamlined integration between IT infrastructure, transport, ware-housing, external systems & the entire supply chain information including billing, with integration of VR capabilities in intralogistics.

Sunanda Dutta, Inside Sales - Air & Sea Logistics, Dachser Singapore

Katharina Klaeser, Key Account Manager, Regional Head Office APAC, DACHSER Air & Sea Logistics

Frank Stadus, Managing Director – Air & Sea Logistics, Dachser Singapore

Solve Workforce On- & Off-Boarding Processes Using Immersive & Interactive Technologies

This talk will provide an overview with facts & figures on how AR & VR technologies are transforming training in manufacturing, the tools & techniques & use cases involved, & why businesses should take note.

Nikhil Chandran, Founder & CEO, Tiltlabs, India

2.00pm – 2.30pm

Simulation Driven Digital Twins

This presentation will consider the definition & motivation behind Digital Twins in Physical & Digital worlds, examine sensor-driven simulation models & their application in predictive maintenance.

Madhukar Chatiri, Regional Sales Director – Asia, CADFEM International GmbH


2.00pm – 2.45pm

Panel Discusion


Industry 4.0 Transformations in F&B Manufacturing – How Crucial Is It & What Are the Challenges?

Panellists will share views on how Industry 4.0 can help address issues faced in the F&B industry, what are key priorities & challenges of adopting Industry 4.0 solutions & practices.



Roch-Ratri Wandansari, Vice Chair of Technical Regulatory Affairs - GAPMMI & Head of Regulatory & Scientific Affairs, Nestle Indonesia


Kenneth Pang Hee Lip, Director of Operations, Mamee Double Decker, Malaysia

Dang Huu Thuan, Plant Director, BEL Vietnam

Sascha Maennl, Senior Director Factory Automation Sales Overseas, Siemens

2.30pm – 3.00pm


3.00pm – 3.30pm

Initial Digitalisation toward Digital Enterprise - Digital Twin

As virtual representations of physical products or processes, digital twins are used to understand & predict physical counterparts’ performance characteristics. They are used throughout the product lifecycle to simulate, predict & optimise product & production systems before investing in physical prototypes & assets. This presentation will cover product digital twins & production digital twins through Siemens Digital enterprise solutions.

Jullie Teo, Territory Sales Manager, Dream Technology, Singapore

2.45pm – 3.30pm

Panel Discussion


Industry 4.0 & What It Means for the Future of Manufacturing for ASEAN Businesses

Panellists will share perspectives on Industry 4.0 developments in their own industry sector & also more broadly in their own countries i.e.

- the state of their country’s manufacturing base,

-   key industries & how technology & innovation is shaping industrial activity,

how this is affecting their own industry sector as an example & challenges faced

-     issues impacting the future of manufacturing in their countries & from their own industry’s point of view e.g. infrastructure or structural issues, workforce/labour readiness, sustainability etc.

-     activities by their govt or foreign investors to encourage the manufacturing sector, &

-     opportunities for collaboration & new investments



Glen Tan, Group Managing Partner, FT Consulting Singapore 


Dr Zaw Niang, Mandalay Technology, Myanmar

Anne Patricia Sutanto, PT Pan Brother, Indonesia

Đặng Tấn Đức, Executive Assistant to Chairman, BECAMEX, Vietnam

3.30pm – 4.00pm

Your checklist to a safe mobile robot installation – 5 questions to ask

The numbers of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) in workplaces increase rapidly these years. But this new technology of mobile robots working alongside humans can pose a safety threat for your workers if the mobile robots, or the installation of them, are not safe. With this presentation you get 5 concrete questions you should always ask your supplier and integrator of mobile robots prior to installation to make sure they are on top of workforce safety – and thereby protecting your employees.

Marck Madsen, Vice President Sales – APAC (w/o China), MiR Robots

Proactive OT Defense

This session with cover the OT threat landscape and the importance of visibility and cybersecurity, with a discussion on the typical findings in OT assessments.

Vincent Liu, Director of Sales APAC, Nozomi Networks


How to Prepare Your Workforce for Industry 4.0

This talk will share a structured & systematic journey for workforce transformation that can lead & align workforce to company transformation towards Industry 4.0 – from traditional manual work to automation, robot adoption, digitalization, advanced smart & ultimately Industry 4.0. Human resources are a key success factor in transformation & it is important to prepare the workforce with the right mind-sets. Learn how SkillsFuture Singapore has worked with SPETA, government agencies & education institutions on technology & strategic road-mapping to form a training committee, visiting model factories & systematic-assess SME Sandbox projects according to the Smart Industry Readiness Index to ensure successful execution. The talk will provide insights into a nation-wide & coordinated effort to have SMEs, workers, students & others to become familiar with SCORE.
Steven Koh, Executive Director, SPETA


*Programme is updated as of 11 October 2019 and is subject to change

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