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Industrial Transformation ASIA-PACIFIC is pleased to provide our attendees and delegates with well-rounded learning experiences comprising different dimensions of programming both on- and off-site the event at Singapore Expo.   


To illustrate the growing importance of robotics technology in the advanced manufacturing and service sectors, the new Robotic Experimental Zone in collaboration with Singapore Industrial Automation Association sets to inspire attendees with a future lab featuring innovative robotics display and interactive exhibits. Featuring robotics demonstrations and interactive exhibits, the Zone is designed to inspire visitors to ITAP with a future lab comprising innovative displays and interactive robotics for use in the manufacturing and logistics space. Attendees can participate in talks, presentation sessions, workshops and observe live demonstrations showcasing cost-effective and ready-to-purchase solutions developed by local and regional SMEs for the manufacturing sector. 


Who Should Visit:  System Integrators, Product companies, Roboticist & Technologists, Procurement Engineers, Industry 4.0 solution providers, Regional Robotics & automation stakeholders.



Demos and Showcases

Ngee Ann Polytechnic

Technology to showcase:

• Automation Pick and Sort Operation by Universal Robot UR5

(Implementation using ROS and MOVEIT)


• Understand how automated sorting operation from an un-organized stack can be conducted by an industrial robot using RGB Depth Sensor;

• A glimpse of robotic training modules offered by Ngee Ann Polytechnic

• Understands why ROS as a meta operation system provide powerful tool for visualization, simulation and implementation of robot applications.

Bulk and Fluids Engineering Sdn Bhd (BAFE)

Technology to showcase:

• High Speed Robotic Palletizing System


• High Speed Robotic Palletizer; as Time is money, every 0.1s loss per cycle, results in approx. 40cycles loss per hour 3600/3.0=1200cycles, 3600/3.1=1161cycles, 3600/3.2=1125cycles

• High efficiency doesn’t necessary equip with high power consumption, start with 3.5kV

• AI self-diagnosis make entire system perfect for easy maintenance and sustainable

JHT Design Sdn Bhd

Technology to showcase:

• Test handler automation


• Automation of semiconductor test industry

• Productivity improvement thru handler automation

• Cost of test improvement

ECA Advanced Solutions Sdn Bhd

Technology to showcase:

• Robotics Integrated AIV material Handling

• Automated Visual Inspection with AI


New generation of Smart Visual Inspection with AI

• Various Solutions for material handling with robotics integrated AIV

• How Data Analytics can reduce overall defects rates and address quality related trends in production process or in product design

Singapore Polytechnic

Technology to showcase:

• Autonomous Mobile Robot with Manipulator, including Pick and Place with Vision (ROS-enabled)I


• Flexible robot systems with mobile manipulation

• Cooperative collection and transportation of objects

• Effective mapping and navigation technology

Pepperl+Fuchs Pte Ltd

Technology to showcase:

• Sensors for mobile robotic applications


• How modular sensors can be applied in mobile robotics for navigation in dynamic environments

• Advantages and disadvantages of different navigation technologies

• Pepperl+Fuchs’ product range for mobile robotics and navigation applications: LiDAR, RFID, ultrasonic and industrial vision technology

MI Robotic

Technology to showcase:

• MICART O Delivery Robot


• Attract more eye catches

• Advantages and disadvantages of different navigation technologies

• Pepperl+Fuchs’ product range for mobile robotics and navigation applications: LiDAR, RFID, ultrasonic and industrial vision technology


Technology to showcase:

• A ROS package containing a singular python ROS node that executes the entire Pick-And-Place action


• Simplicity of building a solution agnostic to hardware using off-the-shelve open source software common modules

Avant-garde Centre of Excellence Sdn Bhd

Technology to showcase:

• Innovative low-cost collaborative robotic arm


• Cost effective and productivity benefits

Enhance Track Sdn Bhd

Technology to showcase:

• Energy Efficiency & 3D Printing


• Efficient energy consumption

ABB Pte Ltd

Technology to showcase:

• 3D Bin Picking

• Robot arm guided by 3D vision system to pick up parts from a bin in random position


• 3D scanner technology advancement

• Flexible robot solutions for high mix low volume

Pilz South East Asia Pte Ltd

Technology to showcase:

• The growing interactions between human and robot requires new solutions in the field of robotics.• The PILZ Robot Measurement System PROBMs helps our customers to work towards a safe and standard-compliant human-robot collaboration (HRC) in accordance to the specifications of ISO/TS 15066.

With the collision measurement set PRMS, customers are able to validate human-robot applications by determining the power and force that occur in a possible collision.


• The importance of ISO/TS 15066 in human robot collaborations

LionsBot International Pte Ltd

Technology to showcase:

• Cleaning Robots

• LionsBot unique technology, 100% made in Singapore,  include the following features:

• High-speed and contextual mapping to capture a premise’s cleaning requirements

- Active artificial intelligence that enables the following:

- Cleaning robots can work together as a team. Multiple cleaning robots are able to coordinate and clean a given area simultaneously, without the need for human programming.

- Cleaning robots may take different cleaning routes each day as they are constantly learning and calculating the most efficient way to clean a given space.

- Uses up to 70% less water as compared to existing cleaning solutions

- Well integrated precision sensors to avoid objects and detect human

- Safety bumpers that cause the robots to come to a stop if it ever comes into contact with an object


Mundane general cleaning like scrubbing and mopping can be automated by using cleaning robots thus allowing cleaners to focus on more detailed tasks like spot cleaning.

• Robots can have personality through interactive features that can engage with public.• Cleaning robots can produce effective cleaning results – possibly better and more efficient than conventional cleaning solution.


22 October: 3pm - 3.45pm

23 & 24 October: 11am - 11.45am and 3pm - 3.45pm

This workshop is conducted by ROS Industrial Consortium Asia Pacific and SIAA and aims to demonstrate to the audience the simplicity of building a solution agnostic to hardware using off-the-shelf open source software common modules. It will convince Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) that automation can be adopted and deployed intuitively and affordably through the use of the Robot Operating System (ROS). To developers, the workshop hope to drive home that robotic applications developed using ROS will be easy to implement and easy to adopt. This workshop is a specially curated presentation with ROS-Industrial experts illustrating the actual programming flow.


Primary target audience: Technology business decision makers and business leaders

Secondary target audience: Robotics software and hardware developers

Launch of 2 Standards Roadmap for Service Robot & Industrial Robot

Getting it right the first time!

- Successful robotics deployment using standards

The Singapore Industrial Automation Association, Singapore Standards Council, Enterprise Singapore and Singapore Manufacturing Federation – Standards Development Organisation have developed an easy to understand roadmap for key standards required for the successful deployment of industrial and service robots. These standards addresses the critical issues of safety, cybersecurity, interoperability and performance of robotics solutions.

MOU Signing

24 October

SIAA, NR2PO and ROS will come together to sign an MOU. 

ROS-Industrial Consortium Asia Pacific & SIAA are organisations with interests to aid the industry through the promotion & adoption of Robotics Technologies. ROS-I being the operating system necessary for robotics functionality is one such critical technology. Both organisations will bind in a strategic alliance to offer bilateral friendship and exchange of privileged industry/business information. This translates into opportunities & collaboration for both organisations’ members.


  1. • To lead and educate the industry on ROS-I through training and certification activities
  2. • To facilitate adoption/implementation of ROS-I, through “Common Modules” developed, including modules developed with and support from NR2PO
  3. • To collaborate and join effort to help Singapore companies in reaching out to the region effectively through ROS-I adoption


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