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One of the key highlights at ITAP 2019, Collaboration Lab is a newly launched platform that enables companies to explore co-creation by test bedding and retrofitting cost effective readymade solutions. Catch live demonstrations by solution providers and manufacturers who will showcase their turnkey solutions that can meet your business needs.


Key Highlights:

  • ABB will be showcasing the Digitalisation of Energy - Taking charge of your energy efficiency to increase productivity and optimising business assets. Simple know-hows of what components to use, their compactible to existing systems and understand how to easily implement such ready solutions to improve energy utilization efficiently, generate higher revenue for your business. From electrification systems to mobile drive solutions, adaption of connectivity across all these IoT devices and solution is needed and here’s how it benefits businesses.


Key Highlights:

  • Beckhoff will be showcasing an Integrated Factory Monitoring System - a flexible system that is beneficial for companies who wish to embark on the Industry 4.0 journey with small steps.
  • The first step towards having a connected factory is to have equipment in the factory connected to acquire essential data. Given that there are usually a variety of equipment in the factory, the types of interface and protocol present is also varied. Therefore, a flexible data acquisition system is essential for integration of multiple protocols.

CAN in Automation e.V


Key Highlights:

  • CAN in Automation e.V will be showcasing the future and latest trends and developments in CAN.
  • It discusses new physical layer and data link layer options and their impacts on CAN-related system design and device design.
  • Learn new physical layer measures for signal improvement as well as latest considerations with regards to cyber security and safety aspects.


Key Highlights:

  • The Plantweb Digital Ecosystem is a scalable and secure portfolio of transformational technologies, software and services that provides relevant personnel with enhanced insights for smarter, faster decisions that drive operational excellence.
  • Plantweb enables measurable performance improvement, powered by the WirelessHART infrastructure, in the areas of production, reliability, safety and energy management by empowering personnel with new insights and actionable information.
  • From small, targeted applications to enterprise-wide solutions, Plantweb drives true performance gains and accelerates your journey to Top Quartile performance by executing a tailored digital transformation plan.

Hexagon Metrology Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

Key Highlights:

  • Many aerospace, shipbuilding and key machining companies have to detect surface cracks on engine casing, blades, etc by naked eyes and manually, Hexagon & Fujitsu have derived a digital smart solution to allow high accuracy of scanning surface dimension and utilise AI to detect surface cracks (width as small as 0.030mm) with a time saving of at least 80%.
  • Hexagon Metrology Asia Pacific will be showcasing the Absolute Arm Compact with Scanning, a reverse engineering and inspection technology. 
  • Learn about scanning, CAD to Part Comparison and 2 in 1 solution (Probing and Scanning).

IFM Electronics

Key Highlights:

  • Showcasing the thermal compressed air meter, an energy data monitoring solution, IFM wants to show how manufacturing plants can use compressed air more efficiently.
  • "All-in-one sensor" thermal compressed air sensor reduces cost. Vibration monitoring to give early warnings of equipment damage. Modular solution.

Igus Singapore Pte Ltd

Key Highlights:

  • Igus Singapore is showcasing two types of low cost automations – Delta Robot and Robolink.
  • Delta Robot is a cost effective and lightweight modular system capable of 60 picks/min.
  • Lubrication free with simple instruction for assembly.
  • Robolink is a low cost lubrication free Robotic Modular System that automates manual works quickly and easily.
  • It comes in a range of 2 - 5 axis in varies lengths and can be equipped with various tools

Murr Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

Key Highlights:

  • Murr Asia Pacific will be showcasing the Fieldbus 10, 10-Link and Smart Wiring. These are decenbraized installation technologies with networking capability, deduce wiring and commissioning bive by 80 90.
  • Faster electrical installations, more reliability and activation of intatir troubleshooting and maintenance
  • Data generated allows increase in equipment efficiency


Key Highlights:

  • PATLITE IO-Link signal tower visualizes sensor information through communication with sensors and actuators.
  • It can be easily installed and replaced with M12 connector and connection to the IO-Link Master is simple. Synchronizing IO-Link signal tower with equipment compatible with IO-Link, it is possible to reduce man-hours on maintenance as IO-Link compatible equipment require only one wire. Production downtime loss is reduced as device management is monitored by IO-Link Master.
  • PATLITE IO-Link signal tower is also compatible with PATLITE WD system, which enables wireless data transmission. The Wireless Data Acquisition System is a cost-effective, IIoT-enabled add-on allows signal towers to wirelessly transmit equipment status changes to a host PC for real-time monitoring and data analysis.

Pilz South East Asia Pte Ltd

Key Highlights:

  • Safe Radar System has an opening angle wide protection zone (110° horizontal, 30° vertical) and operating range of 4m.
  • Highly suitable for outdoor use due to its insensitivity towards harsh external environment such as dust, dirt, rain, light, sparks or shock.
  • PITmode fusion consists of a separate unit PITreader and a Safe Evaluation Unit (SEU). It has high flexibility for functionally safe operating mode selection and for the control of access permissions to plant and machinery. This enhances work safety and maximises operational efficiency.
  • PITreader uses coded transponder keys with RFID technology to assign each employee the machine that suits his/her abilities, hence eliminating manipulation and the potential hazards and implications on workers' safety.

PM Supplies


Key Highlights:

  • Monitoring of various sensors and devices via Modbus/CANbus and Zigbee for industrial IoT data collection.
  • Applying edge computing by sending information to Microsoft Azure/Ubidots to make the network more efficient.
  • Designing basic visualised data reports for managing devices on PowerBI and Ubidots.

SCHUNK Intec Pte Ltd

Key Highlights:

  • Cost-efficient basic gripper with basic functionalities suitable for simple applications in small components handling series with six unit sizes for a broad range of applications from small to mid-sized workpieces.
  • Technically and financially compatible sensor system for a simple, functional gripping system from a single source
  • Housing and guidance made of high-strength aluminium exposed to high physical load and is weight optimized

SICK Pte Ltd

Key Highlights:

  • SICK highlights two new solutions enabling I4.0 connectivity of machines and sensors - IIoT Gateway & IO-Link Gateway Hub.

  • The TDC-E edge computing gateway is retrofitted to analogue sensors and modern smart sensors for IIoT connectivity and applications like machine monitoring, dashboarding, data logging and analysis, even to the Cloud. Learn how to use NodeRED & Dsahboard to get actionable insights from sensor data

  • IO-Link – find out how SIG100 sensor integration gateway turns binary sensor data into IO-Link data without the cost of sensor replacement or rewiring 



Key Highlights:

  • Siemens Industry Mall is an online store for Industry Automation and Drive Technology. Browse the full catalogue and product details of over 135,000 products and systems with more than 30 million variants on their online store.
  • The Siemens Industry Mall offers the right solution for everyone: from product selection, to order and delivery tracking. The Industry Mall also facilitates the complete process of a purchase, at any time or location of your convenience.

SMC Corporation (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Key Highlights:

    • SMC will be showcasing plug and play solutions of SMC and effectors on cobot. Plug and play enables convenience and ease of usage for users without additional software or devices.
    • It illustrates the versatility of SMC and effectors for a wide range of applications/workpieces.
    • One of the unique SMC technologies utilizes the Bernoulli principle for vacuum generation to perform contact-less picking while generating low vibration during lifting.
    • Ease of automation for SMEs to streamline and improve processes.
    • Exposure to collaborative solutions via vertical/horizontal partners solution integration for scalable production processes.

Turck Banner Singapore Pte Ltd

Key Highlights:

    • As a specialist in sensor, fieldbus, connection and interface technology and also RFID systems, Turck Banner offers efficient solutions for factory and process automation. With their data and communication solutions, Turck Banner is among the pioneers of the Industrial Internet of Things IIoT.
    • They provide the complete solutions from sensing, collecting data from sensors which are used for machine operation and additional data for predictive maintenance, and offer one of the most comprehensive portfolios of IO-Link solutions.
    • There are also cloud solutions to suit customers’ requirements of interfacing with established cloud service providers as an option of their cloud on-premises solution.


Key Highlights:

    • A highly secured cloud base monitoring concept for Smart Factory. Simple and cost effective whilst optimizing operations to enhance productivity.
    • Central Data Visualization with Location-Independent Access
    • Predictive and Routine Maintenance Plan
    • Condition and Status monitoring of Machines
    • HTML5 web browser interface
    • Display of RMS/peak, time graphs and FFT in browser window
    • All settings via web browser

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