Strengthening Human Resources & Technology is the Key for the Manufacturing Industry to survive in the midst of a Pandemic

08 Nov 2021 | BY TIRA SANTIA

Strengthening industrial resilience is the key to building a better world during the Covid-19 endemic period. This is in line with the recovery of the world from the Covid-19 pandemic that has hit the world for almost two years.

This is the theme of the 4th Industrial Transformation Asia-Pacific (ITAP) exhibition which will be held again from 22-24 November 2021 in a hybrid format to maximize regional reach and encourage involvement in manufacturing and related industries.

The two main pillars of ITAP 2021 are Human Resources and Empowering Technology. These two things are the key to building resilience and the continuity of a world that is resistant to Covid-19.

"Covid-19 is still a big problem for manufacturing companies that carry out physical production and field activities. Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR), and Augmented Reality (AR) can help reduce this problem by enabling manufacturers to work with safe, reducing the risk of exposure while increasing productivity," said Chief Executive (Markets) Constellar Holdings, Chua Wee Phong, as the exhibition organizer in a written statement in Jakarta , Monday (8/11).

"We invite companies to take this opportunity to evaluate their business processes, improve the skills of their workers and equip them with the right skills to optimize the use of technology. ITAP has always been the industry platform in the region to explore innovative solutions, expand partnership networks and build an arsenal of tools. them for capacity development,” he explained.

Constellar targets more than 15,000 visitors to attend this year's exhibition.

"Last year, the number of digital visitors from Indonesia was ranked second, reaching 8% of the total visitors. This year, with the opening of the Indonesian pavilion by the Indonesian Ministry of Industry at the ITAP 2021 physical exhibition at Singapore EXPO, it will invite more high-ranking Indonesian companies to attend personally. physically at ITAP 2021," said Chua Wee Phong.

Key to Competitiveness

Deutsche Messe Chief Executive, Jochen Köckler said, digitization, sustainability and an effective supply chain are the keys to production competitiveness.

The pandemic clearly shows how quickly the production process can be challenged. The implementation and expansion of sustainable production in Industry 4.0 is becoming an increasingly important component in production development.

"The Asia Pacific region is rapidly developing into a hub for technology companies related to Industry 4.0. ITAP provides the opportunity to meet directly with these companies, experience technological innovation and establish business collaborations," he said.

This year's focus on Human Resources and Technology is the result of in-depth observations of neighboring countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam, which have strong sentiments around labor challenges posed by social distancing protocols.

"This situation will continue and create a new normal where companies have to adjust work patterns and production processes. This will be the driving force of Industry 4.0 and we need to develop systematically in all dimensions to create a sustainable ecosystem," said Siriwat Waiyanit, Vice Chairman ( Manufacturing Automation and Robot Center) Thai-German Institute.

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