START, SCALE, SUSTAIN: An Immersive and Engaging
Learning Journey for Asia-Pacific

Our inspired vision is to create a strategic platform that evolves with the industry and is shaped by leaders and experts in support of their transformative initiatives. It emerged from deep community discussions among players who are keen to discover insights ranging from Industry 4.0, advanced manufacturing and smart supply chain management to R&D, technology transfer and workforce development. The event serves industry sectors such as aerospace, automotive, biomedical sciences, chemicals, consumer goods manufacturing, electronics, marine and offshore, oil and gas, and precision engineering amongst others.

As manufacturers in the Asia-Pacific region begin to understand that their current business models are no longer sustainable, economies and businesses have to embark on their own transformational roadmaps. However, the pace of each journey is different and uneven, with players at varying stages of adoption. The event is thus designed and curated to help companies in Asia-Pacific start, scale and sustain their adoption of Industry 4.0 processes and solutions. To that end, the event’s unique “Learning Journey” approach engages the community based on where they are in their current journey – new entrants, early adopters or trailblazers.


This year, we continue to build on The Learning Journey approach with a series of activities designed to inspire and facilitate self-learning about Industry 4.0 and how it applies to your business. It is our ongoing commitment to help companies in Asia-Pacific to START, SCALE and SUSTAIN their transformation efforts. Discover new insights at the 6 free-to-attend Pitstops* to get the most out of your experience! 

*Spot the Learning Journey 'Pitstop' icon  at the show floor! 


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