ITAP Connect is a series of webinars, online conversations and discussions with leaders, thinkers and practitioners at the front-lines of Industry 4.0, manufacturing and related industry sectors. With topics ranging from businesses’ responses to the COVID-19-pandemic to regional sector-specific views and how workers could ready themselves for the Future of Work, ITAP Connect Series aims to bring new perspectives and insights for our Industry 4.0 community and manufacturing industry ecosystem.

Upcoming Session

11 May
Process Manufacturing Opportunities with Industry 4.0 in 2021

Past Sessions

08 Apr
Evolving Business & Manufacturing with Enterprise 5G – Implications & Opportunities for Industries in APAC
18 Mar
Delivering Win-Wins: How I4.0 Adoption Drives Industrial Performance & Positive Social Outcomes
24 Feb
Discrete Manufacturing Opportunities with Industry 4.0 in 2021
27 Jan
Transforming Manufacturing Industries with Automation & Robotics
30 Sep
Visioning Solutions for the Future
17 Sep
Readying Businesses for Continuity: Risks, Impacts & Opportunities with Industry 4.0
07 Aug
Navigating the New Normal and Beyond in the Semiconductor Sector
30 Jul
Will Environmental Sustainability Matter to Businesses Struggling to Survive in the Current Crisis?
03 Jul
How Singapore’s 3D Printing Community Rose to the COVID-19 Challenge
18 Jun
Supply Chain Resilience in the Face of a Pandemic
08 Jun
Making Waves with 3D Printing in a Pandemic with Siemens and Siege AM
26 May
Quick-Wins Along Your Digitalisation Journey
20 May
Surviving the Great Disruption: How Manufacturers are Facing the Storm