Future of Manufacturing CXO Summit

The Future of Manufacturing CXO Summit is the thought-leadership platform at Industrial Transformation ASIA-PACIFIC 2019. As the region’s preeminent Industry 4.0 platform for CXOs in manufacturing sectors across the Asia Pacific region, it is designed to catalyse thinking, facilitate high-level networking, exchanges of strategic insights, and the adoption of Industry 4.0 processes, technologies and solutions among regional governments, businesses and industries.

12.05pm - 01.00pm Lunch

Welcome Remarks 

Dr Peter Nagler, Chair, Future of Manufacturing Sub-Committee & Executive Director, Institute of Chemical and Engineering Sciences, A*STAR

01.05pm - 01.25pm

Navigating Uncertainties: Industry 4.0 in Practice

This opening keynote will set the context by addressing at a macro level the manufacturing environment in the context of the region’s current risks & challenges, and highlight Industry 4.0 developments namely the World Economic Forum lighthouses in Asia as exemplars of how Industry 4.0 presents prospects that can point the way ahead for manufacturing in the region.

Dr Karel Eloot, Senior Partner and Co-leader of Asia Operations Practice, McKinsey & Company
Matteo Mancini
, Partner, Leader of Manufacturing and Supply Chain in Asia, McKinsey & Company

01.25pm - 01.45pm

How Industry 4.0 Technologies Will Impact Your Business – Experiences of an End-User

This keynote by an end-user organisation of industry 4.0 solutions and technologies will provide perspectives on how Industry 4.0 is applied in a specific industry/context and how it is contributing gains that has changed their business. 

Dr Dirk Eichelberger, Chief Executive Officer, Wintershine Asia, Singapore

01.45pm - 02.05pm

Innovation & How it Leads to Real Value for Your Business – Perspectives of an End-User

Focusing on the impact of innovation under Industry 4.0, this presentation will consider how organisations adopting Industry 4.0 encounter change and how innovation translates into value for enterprises and SMEs.

Sophie Borgne, Senior Vice President, Digital Plant Business, Schneider Electric, France

02.05pm - 02.25pm

Redefining Customer Experience in the Age of Industry 4.0

In today's experience economy, organisations need to ensure a great delivery, service and product experience that delivers a superlative experience. Industry 4.0 has given organisations a new opportunity to redefine customer experience. Creating an end to end approach from discovering customer's desires, design, manufacture, operate and deliver products that satisfy that desire - on time, every time through an integrated digital supply chain. Discover how businesses can leap ahead to radically change the shape of competition by transforming customer experiences in the age of Industry 4.0.

Hans Thalbauer, Global Senior Vice President, Digital Supply Chain, SAP SE

02.25pm - 02.45pm

The Business and Sustainability Case for Digitalisation 

This keynote shifts the conversation toward the business rationale of sustainability measures and how Industry 4.0 technologies contribute to the triple bottom line for organisations (economic, social and environmental).  This keynote will include a case reference from an end-user organisation that explains how technology and digitalization fits into their future vision for next level sustainability.

Peter Terwiesch, President – Industrial Automation, ABB, Switzerland

02.45pm - 03.35pm



The Journey to Transformation – Stories of Opportunities, Challenges & Lessons from the Front Lines


This panel will extend discussions to the role and effectiveness of transformation frameworks like the Smart Industry Readiness Index – why & how it came about, how such frameworks are applied, the experiences of SMEs who deployed Industry 4.0 initiatives using such frameworks e.g. how they translated in reality and the lessons learnt etc..


Moderator: Dr Alpesh Patel, Director of Digital Capability Centers - Asia, McKinsey & Company



Dr Andreas Hauser, Director Digital Service, TÜV SÜD

Jenica Chua, Manufacturing & Resources Industry Director, Microsoft Asia

Amos Leong, President & Chief Executive Officer, Univac Group, Singapore

Dr Lim Ser Yong, Senior Fellow, Agency for Science, Technology & Research (A*STAR), Singapore

May Yap, CEO & Managing Director, LHT Holdings, Singapore

03.35pm - 04.00pm Break
04.00pm - 04.20pm

Product Reinvention for Industry X.0: How to Drive Incremental Value in This Digitized World

Beyond the technological dimensions of Industry 4.0, real transformational change implies a crucial need for mindset change. Organizational leaders need to address how to bring about such change, how it can translate into practices, and the implications for workforce skills etc..

Eric Schaeffer, Senior Managing Director & Products Industry X.0 Lead, Accenture

04.20pm - 04.40pm
Redefining Best-In-Class
An End to End Supply Chain Approach beyond the ’Pilot Trap‘

This presentation will provide insights into P&G’s experience of extending their Industry 4.0 initiatives beyond the pilot stage, illustrating how they tackled mindset change and addressed change at scale, focusing on internal change & the effect on their partner ecosystem.

Michael Bosbach, Global Corporate Manufacturing Director, P&G, Germany

04.40pm - 04.50pm


Getting on Board with Interoperability – Why it is Crucial for Digitalisation of Your Business

The value of digitalisation & Industry 4.0 depends on a unified language that allows machines & systems to inter-operate. This keynote will provide insights on the growing importance of interoperability for manufacturing industries & Industry 4.0’s proliferation in Asia.

Stefan Hoppe, President & Executive Director, OPC Foundation, Germany

04.50pm - 05.10pm

Manufacturing Sustainably Today & Tomorrow – An Asian Perspective 

Taking a longer-term and future-focused view, this keynote will consider the sustainability implications of manufacturing, highlighting initiatives in Asia that are addressing key concerns from the circular economy perspective in relation to Industry 4.0.

Constant Van Aeschot, Director, Business Council for Sustainable Development Singapore


Closing Remarks

*Programme is updated as of 11 October 2019 and is subject to change

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